4th Chess European Festival Lublin 2012

25 May

4th Chess European Festival Lublin 2012 is taking place from 24 to 29.05.2012 in Lublin (Poland)

POLAND and UKRAINE are Hosting Futball Euro 2012 , so they playing friendly match in chess 🙂

Each Player from Ukraine Team plays Each Player from Poland

Live Games:


  Title  Name & Surname  Rating  Title  Name & Surname  Rating
 GM  Mateusz Bartel  2677  GM  Zahar Efimenko  2689
 GM  Bartosz Socko  2635  GM  Anton Korobov  2678
 GM  Kamil Miton  2622  GM  Yuriy Kryvoruchko  2676
 GM  Bartlomiej Macieja  2614  GM  Sergei Fedorchuk  2634
 GM  Dariusz Swiercz  2585  GM  Yaroslav Zherebukh  2632

Source: http://www.festiwal2012.szachy.lublin.pl/index.php/en/informacje-turniejowe/uczestnicy.html


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